Based out of the Atlanta area, Little Phoenix Yoga emphasizes the power of learning and changing. Yoga helps us learn about ourselves. When we start by making positive change within ourselves, we move through our lives and the world with greater peace.  Our mission is to support people on their individual wellness and personal growth journeys through healing, education, and inspiration.

In the logo, the phoenix (representing sun) is pictured with the moon. This represents the experience of balance within all of us -- the light/shadow, masculine/feminine, yang/yin.

Core Values


Curiosity:  A love of learning and wonder.

Wellness: Health in mind, body, spirit, and community.

Personal Growth: Striving to change ourselves for the better.

Honesty: A commitment to truth and transparency.

Belonging: Holding a safe and welcoming space for all.

We believe in transformation. We revisit these values annually and evolve as we grow and learn.


About Stephanie

Stephanie Parisi is the creator of Little Phoenix Yoga and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. With a history in fitness and over four years experience teaching yoga, she believes that helping others on their wellness journeys is her true calling. Stephanie holds a Master's Degree in instructional design and 13 years' experience in the education and online learning industry. In addition to her love of wellness, Stephanie enjoys nature, traveling, reading, writing, anything bird-related, and spending time with her partner, family, and friends.