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Yoga for Beginners

New to yoga? Looking to learn or refine the basics to build a strong foundation?  This class is for you. We care about instruction and creating a safe and fun space where everyone feels they belong.

Yoga Mat and Straps
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Little Phoenix Yoga's beginner class is suited for any level, but targeted toward those new to a yoga practice. In this class you can expect:

  • a gentle warm up

  • an introduction to simple breath work (pranayama)

  • guidance through a variety of foundational poses (asana, pronounced "ah-suh-nah")

  • additional breakdowns of a featured pose or skill

  • a practice in English with Sanskrit terms in context

  • a guided relaxation (savasana, pronounced "sha-vah-suh-nah")

To be prepared, the following is recommended:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to have full range of motion.

  • Use a yoga mat to prevent slipping and to give cushion.

  • Consider props-- two yoga blocks, a strap, a blanket, and a bolster or pillow. Props are not just for beginners. They are important for any level and support our experience and safety.

  • Have an open mind. Each person is unique and there is no perfect way to do yoga. Be kind and patient with yourself.

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